To Algol Interiors, a product is a unique and exciting object that tells a story of innovation. Through the design studio, the company intends to showcase the creative work behind every product, telling the story of how the most innovative materials lead to the final object through the magical moments of artistic creation. In short, we as a team are aspiring to communicate with the world of art and culture through dynamic and creative spirit. We are constantly looking for new inspirations and influences that can excite and enchant with the great beauty that comes from the best creative expressions at the global level. Our unique proposition of customization that enhances the pieces’ prudence to interact with various types of spaces.


Mast Ing Industrijskog Dizajna


Ekspert u završnim radovima sa 36 godina iskustva u Energoprojekt Visokogradnji AD. 



Akra Internacionalni Konferencijski Centar, Gana

Hyatt Regency Beograd, Srbija

Trg Republike Shopping Mall Belgrade, Serbia

Faculty of Dental Medicine, Belgrade, Serbia

University Hospital Center Dr Dragisa Mišovic, Belgrade, Serbia

YU Business Centre, New Belgrade, Serbia

Banca Intesa, Belgrade, Serbia


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